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Washington DC Area Student's Day 2023

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This year marked the first Washington, D.C. area Students Day! On November 3, 2023, students and faculty from Catholic University, Morgan State University and University of D.C. toured AlexRenew’s River Renew Tunnel Project in Alexandria, VA, the largest infrastructure project in the city’s history. Once completed, the new Waterfront Tunnel, a two-mile-long sewer tunnel lying 100 feet below ground, will prevent millions of gallons of combined sewage from polluting local waterways.

Owner AlexRenew and the JV Traylor Bros/Shea lent considerable support to put on an impressive Students Day tour, which included an indepth explanation of the TBM Hazel using a to-scale model and presentations covering the grout plant and overflow structure; a ride on the Alimak to view the screen shaft, slurry walls and tunnel, and micro-tunneling and by-pass pumping at the Hoofs Run interceptor. As one professor wrote, “It really was a great half day boot camp in tunnel building and as such was on a whole bigger level than a mere construction site tour. Loved it!”